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Service Hours: please post service hours at 30 service hours at non-profit organizations must be completed and entered by May 19.

List of service organizations: Service Sites PDF

Updated Google Doc with NPOs: NPOs


Morality –


Finals Study Guide:

All readings and PowerPoints can be found below!



Unit 1: What is Ethics?

Unit 1 PowerPoint: morality-intro-to-morality

CC and Morality:

Ring of Gyges:

Brooks, “Resume v. Eulogy Virtues”:


Unit 2: Virtue Ethics and Habit

Unit 2 PowerPoint: morality-unit-2-virtue-ethics-habit

Nicomachean Ethics, Book II, (Only Chs. 1-5!):

Zimmerman, “Hook-up Culture and Habit Formation”:–Hookup%20Culture

Budziszewski, “Meaning of Sex”:  moralitymeaningofsex-budziszewski

Unit 1 + 2 Study Guide:  moralityunit12studyguide


Unit 3: Freedom and Conscience

Unit 3 Powerpoint (Up to date):

Prayer Project Rubric (details on blog):

“Kenotic Attention”:

“Conscience: Knowledge of Moral Truth”: conscience

Conscience Formation – Questions:

White Helmets Reflection:

Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

Wojtyla (JP II) – Love and Responsibility: Wojtyla – Love and Responsibility

On Being – James Martin –

Unit 3 Quest Study Guide –


Unit 4: Modern Moral Issues




Warm-Ups 1:

Warm-Ups 2:

Warm-Ups 3: (under sophomores!)

Warm-Ups 4:




Semester 1 – Sacraments

Document Archive

August 15-19

Class Disclosure: Disclosure – Sacraments.Morality 2016-2017

Procedures handout: Procedures-CanIChewGuminClass

Virtues handout: Virtues – Graphic Organizer

Virtues Portrait Essay prompt: SacramentsVirtuesPortraitEssayPrompt

August 21-26

C.S. Lewis – “Meditation in a Toolshed”: meditation-in-a-toolshed

“The Good” Essay prompt: Essay2TheGood (It says “Due Friday” but it’s actually due Monday, 8/28!)

August 28-September 2

Joseph Ratzinger – “The Meal”: Ratzinger-TheMeal-3

Quiz 1 – Study Guide: SacramentsQuiz1StudyGuide

September 6-September 9

CW (Classwork), Encounters with Christ – juniors-cwencounterswithchrist

Warm-Up Prompts – juniors-warm-ups829-99

September 12-16

O’Connor – “A Good Man is Hard to Find”

“A Good Man” Packet – agoodmanishardtofindworksheet

“Stories of Grace” Reflection Qs – sacraments-stories-of-grace-reflection

(Link to “Stories of Grace” podcast:

Mid-Term Test Study Guide – juniors-sacramentsmid-termteststudyguide

PowerPoints from Class:

  1. Virtue – Virtues – Intro Lesson – Juniors
  2. Knowledge/Theology – Why Theology? – Juniors
  3. Sacrament/Sign/Grace – Intro to Sacrament

Kahoot Review:

September 19-23

Rausch – “The Church” – rausch.ecclesiologythirdmillenium

Example of Rausch Outline –

Warm-Ups #3 – juniorswarm-ups912-923

September 26-31

Colossians 1:15-20 Qs: sacramentscolossians1qs

Lecture Notes: sacramentsandthechurchlecturenotes

October 3-13

“Sacramental Vision” Reading Qs: untitleddocument-19

“Sacramental Principle” Qs: juniors-the-sacramental-principle-qs

Quarter 1 Test Study Guide: juniorsq1teststudyguide

Warm-Ups 4: juniorswarm-ups926-1011

October 17-19:

Symbols of Baptism: signsandsymbolsofbaptism

October 24-28

“Baptism in Scripture”: sacraments-in-scripture-baptism

“Baptism and Halloween”:

Warm-Ups 5: warm-ups.10.17-10.28

October 31 – November 4

Symbols of Confirmation: confirmationsymbols

Dorothy Day Bio and Essays:

Dorothy Day Writing Assignment: juniorsdorothydayandconfirmation

Confirmation and Baptism PowerPoint: sacraments-unit-3-baptism-confirmation

Unit 3 Study Guide: sacramentsunit3studyguide

November 14-22

Laudato Si and the Eucharist PDF: eucharistandlaudatosi

Laudato Si Reflection Qs: eucharistandlaudatosi-reflectionquestions

November 28-December 2

Warm-Up 7 (11/14-12/2): warm-ups1114-122

Order of the Mass WS: orderofthemassWS

Order of the Mass Reading: orderofthemass

Mass Planning Mini-Project (due Monday, 12/5): juniorsmassplanning

December 4-8

Molly McCully Brown – “Bent Body, Lamb”: bentbodylamb

“Bent Body, Lamb” Reflection Qs (due Monday!): bent-body-lamb-reflection_-2


Unit 1 Slides – What is a Sacrament?: intro-to-sacrament

Unit 2 Slides – The Church and the Sacraments: ecclesiology-and-the-sacraments

Unit 3 Slides – Baptism and Confirmation: baptism-confirmation

Unit 4 Slides – Eucharist and Vocation: unit-4-eucharist

Final Exam Scantron Study Guide:  sacramentsfinalexamstudyguide-2

Final Exam Essay Questions:  sacramentsfinalexamessays3shortanswer

Final Service Reflection (due Friday 12/23 and worth 50% of service grade!): juniorsservicereflection