Mr. K has the flu – creative writing project postponed

Hi all,

Just letting you know that I will not be in class today. I woke up early last night with stomach pain and spent the rest of the night in the bathroom…

Needless to say, I won’t be there today. With the sub, you will do 2 things:

  1. Examination of Conscience – we will be going as a class to Reconciliation on Monday, so in order to help you prepare, you will fill out an examination of conscience as prayer. This should be done silently and prayerfully – I’ve informed the sub to write down the names on anyone talking or goofing off during prayer, and you will lose points on your prayer project.
  2. Creative Writing Project Brainstorming – after prayer, you will have the second half of class to begin brainstorming for your creative writing project. You will reflect on and answer 3 questions that will hopefully spur your thinking. We’ll go over the project next week, and I will give you all the break and then some to get it finished.

Hope all is well, and that no one else is going through this. If you are, power to ya!