Prayer Project – Prayer Rubrics

“There’s nothing tricky about prayer. It’s simply tuning in to God’s presence – and God is always present. not simply alongside me, but within me at the deepest part of who I am.” – Bishop Ken Untener

In its essence, prayer is incredibly simple. It is the human response to the divine or, as Christians would call it, God’s love.

Over the course of the Catholic Church’s history, the simple nature of prayer has been expressed in a myriad different ways, each unique and capturing a different facet of what it means to pray.

For this project, you will research and lead the class in one of the prayers from the Catholic tradition (or other faith tradition, with permission). Below, you will find descriptions and detailed rubrics for how to plan and lead each type of prayer. If you have any questions, as always, ask me in class or email me.

Prayer Project rubric:  Link to Rubric

Prayer Projects (prayer/paper) due Monday, March 6 via this Google Form:

Examen: meditative reflection on how God is working in our lives

Lectio Divina: praying through Scripture

Song: prayer through music (can be in the chapel!)

Intercessions for Current Event: a prayer for those affected by injustices in the world

Praying to Saints (Petition): praying and reflecting with the saints

Other Traditional Prayers: Decade of the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Liturgy of the Hours, Angelus

Remember – I am very open to hearing your suggestions for other types of prayer. Please come talk to me if you think of something else you may want to do!