Hook-Up Culture and Habit Formation

For Monday, please read Zimmerman’s article “In Control? The Hookup Culture and the Practice of Relationships” and offer a four paragraph response:

Paragraph 1 – Identify and explain Zimmerman’s main argument or claim. What relationship does she identify between hook-up culture and habit formation?

Paragraphs 2 + 3: Find and describe two supporting arguments for Zimmerman’s main argument. How does she support her main idea?

Paragraph 4: Write a short response to Zimmerman’s article. Remember – please engage in civil discourse. Do not focus on her tone or attitude or provide ad hominem arguments – rather, provide non-emotional evaluation of her argument, both points you agree with and questions/disagreements you have. Please explain your evaluation!

Each paragraph should be at least 5-6 thoughtful and critical sentences.

Lastly, please remember the point of this is not to memorize her arguments, but to engage critically with her ideas and evaluate how virtue ethics and habits might help us analyze our own culture.