Finals and Service Reflection

Hi all,

This is just a reminder that you should have all of your service hours submitted in x2vol, AND that you need to submit a short service reflection by Friday, 12/23. This reflection is worth 50% of your service credit, so please make sure that you finish it at some point this week. The prompt is under Assignments + Readings (or click here.)

You’ll notice that I only ask for 200 words. This should not take you very long, but do use it as an opportunity to reflect seriously about the service work you have done and discern where you should do service next quarter.

Secondly, all materials needed to prep for your final exam should be on the Assignments + Readings page. Final essay prompts, study guides, and all slideshows are at the bottom of the page. Please let me know if you need help with anything as you get ready for your final.

Good luck this week, and keep your eye on the prize – Wednesday afternoon will be here before you know it!


Bread of Life

After our discussion of the transubstantiation from Monday, we should probably consider where the Church gets this idea from in the first place.

For Wednesday, please read John 6: 22-59 and answer these 5 questions in 2-3 sentences each on a separate sheet of paper (it’ll be about one page total):

  • The crowd following Jesus asks him four questions. What are their questions, and how does Jesus respond to them?
  • What is the distinction between manna and the “true bread from heaven”? What does each bread “satisfy”?
  • What does Jesus mean when he says “Whoever comes to me will never be hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty”? (Literally, Jesus? Because that’s a sweet deal.)
  • What is the “true bread from heaven”? What does Jesus command his followers to do with this bread? How do they respond?
  • How is the act of eating the “true bread” transformative?