Welcome to Sacraments!

Hello all!

Welcome to the website for our Sacraments class. I will be using this blog to help organize our course and help you work to your best potential. There will be daily updates with class lectures, notes, readings, and assignments to help you succeed in class. I will also occasionally post simple “Points of Interest” posts to share any beautiful, intriguing, or fun theological tangents that might help you dig deeper into our class material. My hope is that, with these resources available to you, you can stay accountable for your work, participate to your highest level, and enjoy what we do in class together.

In order to make this website as effective for you as possible, I would like each of you to follow it via email. By clicking on the Follow button to the left of the screen, you will register to automatically receive email alerts every time there is a new blog, assignment, or reading posted. This will help you keep track of the class as we go through the semester and make certain that you don’t miss any assignments or readings. Please register by Monday afternoon for 5 pts. credit.

If you need a copy of the class disclosure, you can find it under the Assignments + Readings tab in the top menu. Please bring your signed disclosure to class by Thursday – no exceptions. It will be considered late anytime after class on Thursday and docked 20% (a mere 2 pts. this time but don’t start off on the wrong foot!)

Also, if you would like to follow our class’s Twitter page, I will be posting updates to @JMCHSKuczynski throughout the semester. Feel free to share any theology-related things you find with the class by tagging our class in a tweet. (Proper Internet etiquette applies, as always.)

That’s all for now. I’m looking forward to spending this semester with you all!

– Mr. Kuczynski


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